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Hello Bride Co


We offer an exclusive bespoke wedding and evening wear service for clients looking to create a one-off custom look.  This one-of-a-kind journey is marked by exceptional creativity, where you collaborate closely with our visionary designer, Selin. 


Together, we transform your ideas into reality, meticulously crafting each stitch, fold, and detail to reflect your individuality. Due to the intensive craftsmanship involved, we only accept a limited number of custom orders annually. For inquiries regarding our personalized service, kindly reach out via email or complete our inquiry form


Prices for the Hello Bride's bespoke service start from $1,000.



Your journey commences at our Istanbul showroom during your initial design consultation with one of our founder and designer. Crafting personalized attire offers you complete freedom and authority over the design, fabric selection, and silhouettes, resulting in an intimate and imaginative experience.

Before your first design session, a pre-consultation enables us to understand your preferences, wedding vision, and outfit expectations. During the initial meeting, we delve into sketches, references, and ideas, exploring fabric choices, silhouettes, cuts, and embellishments to construct a tangible vision board of your ideal ensemble.

Our extensive fabric collection will be at your disposal, and we often create mock-ups using studio pieces to aid in the inspiration process. Subsequent consultations refine the design until you are satisfied, allowing us to commence crafting your toile while taking measurements at this stage.


Transitioning from concept to reality, our bespoke process initiates with the creation of a 'toile,' which serves as a prototype of your garment made from cotton fabric and tailored to your measurements.

The toile marks the initial stage where your outfit begins to manifest, offering you the chance to scrutinize every aspect of the design, particularly focusing on the fit.

Utilizing draping, pinning, and sketching directly onto the fabric, we gain a visual representation of how the final garment will appear in its chosen fabric.



As your ensemble progresses, it begins to materialize in its final form. During your next fitting, referred to as the 'shell' fitting, you'll witness your garment in the actual fabric for the first time. This stage focuses on perfecting the foundational elements or the 'shell' of the attire, without yet incorporating details, fastenings, or boning. This approach allows us to refine the fit before adding embellishments and intricate features, according to your preferences.

Throughout the process, you'll have 2-3 fittings with either Selin and our head seamstress at Hello Bride's atelier, ensuring that your outfit evolves seamlessly.


These fittings occur during the week, ensuring continuous progress towards perfection.

The final fitting, known as the collection fitting, marks the culmination of the process. During this session, typically held 2-3 weeks before the wedding, you'll approve the final look and take your completed ensemble with you.



We regularly create custom looks for clients who are unable to visit the studio or are able to only fly in for fittings. The journey is just as special and collaborative. 

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