Bridal & Wedding Kimono

Are you looking for a bride kimono? You can create an appointment from here in order to have a closer look at the bride kimonos that we have prepared with beautiful and different patterns. Besides, you can see the bride kimono models from our Instagram account.

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You can find the answers to frequently asked questions from you related to bride kimono:


What colors are there in the bride kimono?

Whereas mono-color bright or pale clothes could be chosen for bride kimonos, different patterns and tones could also be chosen. There is no limit for pattern selection in particular.

What is price of bride kimono?

Prices of bride kimonos depend on the textile selected (silk or satin), pattern choice (mono-color or multi-color) and quantity (single or multiple), and ranges between 40USD to 60USD  on average.

Can the bride kimono be customized?

The bride kimono could be tailor made and customized. Is the cloth of bride kimono preferable ? Clothes of bride kimonos could diversify, such as silk or satin.

In how many days is the bride kimono sewed?

We can deliver the ready made kimonos that we have in stock immediately in our shop. For customized production, the delivery may take 5 to 9 work days on average depending on the quantity.

Can a name be written at the back of the bride kimono?

Yes, we can write any name with embroidery 12